FMH Classic Computer and Video Games Items For Sale

Welcome to this Web Site. After many years of collecting computers and video games I decided to keep the items that I actually use. On this site are the items that I decided to part with. I will add items to the proper categories as I find and test the items. So please check back every couple of weeks to see what is available. Currently the site is a bit cheesy but in time I plan on brightening things up. Right now under the categories I just have it linked to a Text File. In the future I will have them linked to a regular HTML page with pictures for some of the items so to describe the item better. If you require a picture of any item that I currently do not have one on the Web Site for feel free to contact me and I'll get the picture out to you as soon as I can.


Iíve been playing around with different programs to see how like them for the site. Problem is that when jumping from page to page now things donít look consistent. Eventually I find something I really like and stick with it.

Come see me at the CORGS-CON 2015 May 2015. CORGS-CON

Come see me at the ACEC Atari Swap Meet August 2015. ACEC Atari Swap Meet

If there is anything you wish me to bring to the show please contact me a couple of weeks prior to the show and I'll do my best to accommodate you.


I've finally decided to start using eBay in conjuction with my site to sell some of my items. What will I be posting on eBay? I really can't say for sure. As I find items I normally put up here on the site. Some of them I may also post on eBay. So if you have an interest in what I have on eBay just go here and take a look. FMH eBay Page


GameGavel is an Auction Site started in 2008 dedidcated to Gaming. FMH GameGavel Page

Category of Items For Sale

Listed below are the items I have for sale broken down by Hardware, Operating System, Manufacturer, or how I see fit to break things down. Also to the right of that category is the date of last change to that category. Yes I really do have that much for sale. If there is a section listed below then I do have something from that platform for sale. It may be just one or two items for some and hundreds of items for another. It's just a matter of when I get to sorting it all out and getting the boxes, docs, and software all together. Like stated above just keep checking back every couple of weeks to see what treasure I have added to the site.


Atari ST/TT/Falcon_____12-28-15
IBM DOS____________05-24-13
Mac OS6-9 and OSX___05-24-13
Mattel Aquarius
NeXT Computer

Video Game Equipment

Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari Lynx
Channel F
Emerson Arcadia

Magazines and Books

Magazines and Books___12-28-15

WANTED - Items I am looking to Trade For

How to Order and Contact Information

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