FMH Classic Computer and Video Games Items For Sale

Welcome to this Web Site. After many years of collecting computers and video games I decided to keep the items that I actually use. On this site are the items that I decided to part with. I will add items to the proper categories as I find and test the items. So please check back every couple of weeks to see what is available. Currently the site is a bit cheesy but in time I plan on brightening things up. Right now under the categories I just have it linked to a Text File. In the future I will have them linked to a regular HTML page with pictures for some of the items so to describe the item better. If you require a picture of any item that I currently do not have one on the Web Site for feel free to contact me and I'll get the picture out to you as soon as I can.


Iíve been playing around with different programs to see how like them for the site. Problem is that when jumping from page to page now things donít look consistent. Eventually I find something I really like and stick with it.

Come see me at the CORGS-CON. CORGS-CON

Come see me at the ACEC Atari Swap Meet. ACEC Atari Swap Meet

If there is anything you wish me to bring to the show please contact me a couple of weeks prior to the show and I'll do my best to accommodate you.


In 2015 I purchased a FireBee computer which is the newest Atari Clone Computer. If you care to read about my experience of owning and using a FireBee then here is the place. FireBee Happenings Page


I've finally decided to start using eBay in conjuction with my site to sell some of my items. What will I be posting on eBay? I really can't say for sure. As I find items I normally put up here on the site. Some of them I may also post on eBay. So if you have an interest in what I have on eBay just go here and take a look. FMH eBay Page


GameGavel is an Auction Site started in 2008 dedidcated to Gaming. FMH GameGavel Page

Category of Items For Sale

Listed below are the items I have for sale broken down by Hardware, Operating System, Manufacturer, or how I see fit to break things down. Also to the right of that category is the date of last change to that category. Yes I really do have that much for sale. If there is a section listed below then I do have something from that platform for sale. It may be just one or two items for some and hundreds of items for another. It's just a matter of when I get to sorting it all out and getting the boxes, docs, and software all together. Like stated above just keep checking back monthly to see what treasure I have added to the site.


Atari ST/TT/Falcon_____12-28-15
IBM DOS____________05-24-13
Mac OS6-9 and OSX___12-30-16
Mattel Aquarius
NeXT Computer

Video Game Equipment

Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari Lynx
Atari Jaguar
Emmerson Arcadia

Magazines and Books

Magazines and Books___12-28-15

WANTED - Items I am looking to Trade For

How to Order and Contact Information

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